Our Founders: Jarious Bush, Josh Outsey, Stan Johnson, & Jerome Johnson  

Our Founders: Jarious Bush, Josh Outsey, Stan Johnson, & Jerome Johnson


About Us

SEEED is a green community development non-profit focusing on creating and sustaining jobs for Knoxville’s urban young people, as well as ensuring clean energy and conservation technologies are available for low income residents. Our vision is for a sustainable city and sustainable careers for all of Knoxville’s residents. SEEED is a grassroots organization that grew out of kitchen table conversations in 2009. It is here where residents (a mix of young people and adults) of Knoxville’s Empowerment Zone talked about the opportunities that were developing with green jobs and how these opportunities could be used to transform the community.

Our Mission

"SEEED creates pathways out of poverty for young adults through career readiness training, while equipping communities with environmental literacy skills."

Our Staff

Executive Director: Stan Johnson//s.johnson692@gmail.com

Program Coordinator (Americorps VISTA volunteer): Lee Owen// seeedvista1@cnvista.org

Social Media and Events Coordinator (Americorps VISTA volunteer) : John P. Gough//seeedvista2@cnvista.org

Greening the City from the Inside Out

SEEED is preparing the heart of Knoxville to become the center of our emerging green economy by increasing access to sustainable, clean energy technologies and a sustainable food supply for low to moderate income residents. The resulting green job opportunities associated with these programs create pathways out of poverty for our youth.

Growing a Green Future

SEEED pursues prosperity that is sustainable and respectful of the Earth and our community, through five interconnected strategies:

  1. Increasing access to energy efficiency technologies for low to moderate income residents
  2. Preparing the city for a sustainable and healthy food supply
  3. “Green collar” job development and training for youth from urban communities
  4. Social, cultural, and spiritual development through a community service program and youth mentoring
  5. Advanced mentoring for green entrepreneurship

What We Do

Our Program

The SEEED's Career Readiness Program (CRP) serves Knoxville's young adults ages 16-28. The program offers training in resume-writing, goal-setting, cover-letters, job application, and various other job skills. The goal of the CRP is promote development and employment sustainability, while instilling environmental knowledge in our future leaders. Our program values economic develop and self-sustainability, which is our inspiration for wanting to train young adults to gain and keep long-term jobs. By enrolling in this program, young adults receive an opportunity to gain a foothold in careers they have never thought possible.




Home energy workshops

As part of "Greening the City from the Inside Out," we are partnering with The City of Knoxville, Knoxville Utility Board (KUB), and Community Action Committee (CAC) to host home energy workshops in low income communities. We discuss ways to lower utility bills as well as easy and free ways to weatherize your home. Before the workshops, SEEED takes the streets, going door to door to take surveys and listen to the homeowner's needs and wants. We can then tailor the workshop to that specific community. 




Community Garden

Our community garden is our student's answer to the food desert in inner-city Knoxville. We have 52 fruit trees and plants in our edible forest and 6 raised garden beds. We encourage the community to use our beds to plant their own food. The idea is to inspire people to learn about gardening then grow their own fruits and vegetables from their yard. 

Career Readiness Program Interest Form

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Make a difference in a young person’s life. Our youth are highly motivated to get out of the poverty cycle, get off the streets, and find sustainable careers. A few hours a month can make huge change!

Ways to get involved

  • Instructors for our Career Readiness Program – Most classes are two hours and you can sign up for whatever you have time and the knowledge to teach. Classes range from "goal setting", “how to dress for an interview”, or “resume writing”, to teaching about green jobs in the area.
  • SEEED Volunteer Coordinator – Help us recruit volunteers and contact each regularly to provide assistance and make sure they are getting things done. This is a great job if you want to work from your home. Mainly it is making phone calls on a weekly basis.
  • Crew Leaders – Must be 25 or older. Drive students to volunteer opportunities, supervise them on the job, fill out soft skills evaluation checklists, and make sure students feel out weekly evaluations.
  • Administrative Help – Are you handy with a computer? Most of these tasks take only a few hours per month and you set your own schedule for all of them. Many can be done from home. You may volunteer for one or several.
    • Update mailing list – add new people, correct contact information.
    • Compile and send out a monthly newsletter- Board members and staff will provide updates. You will write the newsletter and send it out.
    • Public relations – Keep in touch with our media contacts monthly. Send press releases as needed.
    • Graphic design – Help us create flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials.
    • Video editing – Edit footage for posting on YouTube and for creating DVDs.
    • Grant writing – We will identify the grant and provide you with the information on how to write it.
    • Help plan events- It could be as simple as posting flyers, or it could be coordinating the entire event.

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